Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diary Excerpt 1: Birds on Fire

Back story: I volunteer and a songbird lab where my only job is to feed worms to birds.

Thursday. January 7, 2008

Had to go to lab safety training seminar yesterday that mainly compromised of fire safety and chemical spill clean-up. I had to watch DVD’s* about the same thing. I am not really sure why I need to know this for feeding birds. Do the birds occasionally crap acid? Or have they gotten into the habit of spontaneously combusting during random intervals throughout the day? In which case they didn’t even tell me which type of fire extinguisher would be best for a feathery-friend related fire. Class A, perhaps?

*Admittedly, the DVDs were interesting and educational. And yea, I know why I had to learn that - I am not working with chemicals but others near by might be and it's better to be safe than sorry and bla bla bla.

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