Friday, February 12, 2010

Commandments, If I Wrote the

1) Thou shalt not consider the year 2000 as the start of the new millennium.
2) Thou shalt not wear crocs because thou thinkest they are comfortable.
3) Thou shalt not regard something without a meter as poetry, even if it rhymes.
4) Thou shalt not repeat everything five times in an academic paper.
5) Thou shalt not believe Disney turns kids into little racists.
6) Thou shalt not think anyone who uses a rare word is being pedantic.
7) Thou shalt not view Latin as a useless dead language.
8) Thou shalt not think pajamas are appropriate school attire.
9) Thou shalt not consider a urinal to be a great piece of Modern “Art”.
10) Thou shalt not try converting others to thine own religion.
11) Thou shalt not celebrate mediocrity.
12) Thou shalt not think an Arts degree has no value.
13) Thou shalt not greet anyone with “ ‘sup”.
14) Thou shalt not ignore rules of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
15) Thou shalt not blame McDonald’s for being fat.
16) Thou shalt not be redundant in an academic paper.
17) Thou shalt not believe the opinions of experts are beyond question.
18) Thou shalt not be easily offended.
19) Thou shalt not regard every nice act or compliment as “sucking up”.
20) Thou shalt not play World of Warcraft.
21) Thou shalt read this blog.

Anything thou would likest to add?


Peter said...

This blog sucks.

OK, I lie. It doesn't. I was just testing you on #18.

I do have a problem with #10 though. I mean, what if your religion is The Right One? You Pastafarianism.

Anastasia said...

No need to test me, I don't get offended. I get revenge.

Well...I suppose if you also offered free pasta whilst trying to convert one, that would outweigh the evil of the deed.

birdgata said...

You had me until Number 8.

Anastasia said...

Pajamas are for sleeping! And maybe the occasional lazy day at home...

Molsson said...

I have a problem with aricle #9, who says urnials are not art? Anything can be art, that's the beauty of seeing things differently. You just need to take art history!!!!

Anastasia said...

No, no I don't...just because something is taught in a course does not make it true. (Although I am sure the course is lovely.) I am actually planning to make a whole entry elaborating on that point later on...