Friday, February 26, 2010

Infinitus est numerus stultorum.

(This is taken from an old blog I used to have. If any of you wonderful RHP people are reading, you might remember it.)

It all happened so quickly, he came out of nowhere. I was unprepared. Stupidity pierced right through my shields of logic as if they were nothing. It amazes me how even in the face of common sense idiocy is bravely stood by. I am defeated. Broken. Reduced to nothing but a weeping child, beating my own head against my computer and hoping against hope that either the computer or my brain sustains enough damage that it will save me from having have to read the replies that defy all laws of reason and reality. Why did I not fall back whilst I still had the chance? Why did I engage in the first place? It must have been the Devil that convinced me to enter this battle of the words that left me empty and hollow with nothing but a desire to gouge my own eyes out so I will no longer have to see my words get mutilated and twisted beyond any recognition before they are thrown back into my already battered face. I die a little with every one of his posts, spawned out of some sort of alternate, warped universe unbeknownst to men. And just when I thought it could not possibly get any worse, he somehow manages to concoct something that proves me wrong. As I sit here, unsure of whether I should laugh, cry, or just get it over with and kill myself, he delivers the final blow. Any last ounce of hope I had left to save myself was completely crushed by the unstoppable force of doltishness from the other side.

Now I know why Jesus wept.


Let this be a lesson to all – only fools argue with fools. If you ever get the urge to argue online, don’t. Just don’t. Don’t let their whirlpool of idiocy suck you into the deepest and darkest abyss of stupidity, from whence no man returns quite the same.