Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Surveys, Why I Love Them

They provide an excellent service of giving people the false sense that their opinions matter. Through but a checking of a few boxes, and some well thought out short answers, every little man can now feel important and sleep soundly knowing that his voice was heard. They also give me a great opportunity for self-amusement.

Got an email a few days ago: “The Globe and Mail invites you to participate in a national survey that will provide information for the 2011 Globe and Mail Canadian University Report (CUR).” I stopped the less important things I was doing (studying for a midterm) and ran off to take it at once.

5. What are the best or worst things about the academic experience you receive?

Best – that time I slept with that gorgeous prof. Worst – he failed me anyway.

33. What is the best kept secret about your institution that should be better known?

There is a secret wardrobe on the third floor of the Biological Sciences building which leads to a magical land of lions and witches and creatures alike.

34. What programs at your institution should be widely recognized for excellence?

The ones that show excellence.

I was just kidding about number 5 by the way.....he didn't fail me.

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