Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poetry Corner 1


I see dead people
There are many in my house
Court date tomorrow

She complained a lot
Brake line is easily cut
I like the quiet

I saw him cheating
Pyromania is fun
He screams like a girl


Micah Hughey said...

I really like these, especially the unexpected and sudden line "court date tomorrow".

But I'm not telling you how many syllables "complained" has in it. Maybe for a large fee. It's not three, though. It's less.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous man
criticizes your haikus:
Too much staccato

Anastasia said...


....or should that be comp-lained?

Joe Newbury said...

The first haiku is excellent.

Anastasia said...

Thank you, I am rather fond of it myself.

Micah Hughey said...

com-plained is how I say it. Two syllables

Anastasia said...

I have given it some thought and decided that for once you may be right...that does sound more correct, so I changed it.