Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prank Call, The

Some people may not know this, but besides texting, taking pics, listening to music, checking facebook/twitter/email, a phone may also be used as a talking device. And with that comes the prank calls. This one is particularly splendid: The murder scene call.

Here is one you can try yourself with a few friends:

Day 1
Pranker: Hi, can I speak to Harold please?
Victim: Uh, I think you have the wrong number.
Pranker: Ok, sorry.

Day 2
Pranker: Hi, is Harold there?
Victim: No, Harold doesn't live here.
Pranker: Oh sorry.

Day 3
Pranker: Hi, is Harold available?
Victim: I already told you, he doesn't live here.
Pranker: Are you sure?
Victim: Yes. Please stop calling.

Day 4
Pranker: Hey, I know Harold doesn't live there but could I leave him a message?
Victim: ......

Pranker 2: Hi, I heard this is where I can leave messages for Harold...
Victim: wtf?

Pranker 3: Hi I'm just calling with a message for Harold.
Victim: Screw you.

Day 7
Pranker 4: Hi I'm Harold, did anyone leave me any messages?

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