Sunday, September 5, 2010

Of Mean Profs and University-Appropriate Attire

Dear in-charge-type people at the University of Alberta,

I am writing in regards to Dr.A. I had the great displeasure of being in Dr.A’s math class last term. He has been rude, sorely unhelpful, and overall not nice person. He grades his tests unfairly, marking on what he thinks we should know instead of on what we actually know. He also took of marks for spelling and grammar mistakes. This is a math class! If I wanted to be tested on English, I would take an English class, not a math class. I don’t know who he thinks he is, expecting university students to have a basic grasp of English in a math class. His bad marking was further demonstrable when he took of marks on my exam when I forgot to put my name on it. Nowhere in the syllabus does it say we have to put our names on our exams.

Before our final I had an important question so I called him to ask it and he got mad at me. What kind of lame person goes to sleep at 11:30pm? I mean, it wasn't even midnight yet. I would have emailed him but sometimes he can take hours to email back. And don’t even get me started on trying to get a hold of him in his office. He is only there at times that are convenient for him. No, Dr.A, I cannot come either on Thursday between 1-3pm or on Friday after 2pm. My friend Linda has a hair appointment on Thursday and asked me to go with her. As for Friday, I just don’t feel like it.

This one time, he sorely embarrassed me in front of the whole class by putting me on the spot. He asked me a question, I don’t know what it was because I was checking Facebook on my iPhone so I couldn't answer him. He totally freaked out that I couldn't answer. How does he expect me to answer when I didn't even hear the question in the first place?

This another time, I asked for an extension for an assignment on the day it was due. My boyfriend had just broken up with me a month ago and I just couldn't do math in such an emotional state. But a little understanding was apparently too much to ask of Dr.A when he gave me a 0 on the assignment. For my final mark, he gave me a C-. I asked if he could round this up to an A. I deserve a better grade because I know I’m smart and I tried very hard and I need it to get into grad school. Also, I’m paying for uni which makes me a consumer and in this case, not a happy one. Dr.A refused, saying that even the C- was generous. I called him a jerk. I then asked for a reference letter. He said no.

So in summary, I would like you to take the appropriate actions against Dr.A and inform him that professors need to see us as people who have our own lives and who can’t always put their homework first. Profs should also be at our constant beck and call whenever we need help. In addition, they should be able to provide us with extensions, good grades, free tutoring, reference letters, and a pony.

Anastasia Kazakevich
Distraught Student

P.S. After Linda got a haircut Dr.A said, and I quote, “nice haircut.” I suggested she file a sexual harassment suit at once, which she is currently looking in to.

My University Summer Attire:

My University Winter Attire:

(The key to making both ensembles work are the glasses; they make me look like a smart, serious student.)


bluebirdcatsmurf said...

"He has been rude"

Totally read that as 'nude.' BTW, your skirt is nowhere near short enough! Go to the University of Arizona on a sunny day (read: an day.) The skirts and shorts get so short you can actually see things. *covers virgin eyes*

Anastasia said...

Not that you mention it, he was completely nude under his clothes most days...that pervert.

True, I've seen girls wear worse outfits here too...I just don't have a lot of that sort of I-should-be-standing-on-a-street-corner clothes.

Anastasia said...

*Now that you...

I said...

This made me laugh. Out loud.

Ian Prittie said...

The spelling and grammar mistakes are hilarious, my favourite is "english" uncapitalised. Love it!

College Misery said...

we miss you...come back to us.

Fab Sun
College Misery

Anastasia said...

You guys are sweet. <3