Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diary Excerpt 2: For Shame!

Sunday. November 22, 2009

I have done something unspeakable this weekend. Something that shames me deeply. I know not what infernal force possessed me to stoop so low. I do not think I shall ever be able to live this down. Yes, I went to see New Moon in theatres. (Opening weekend, no less!)

Actually, the movie wasn't too bad. The only things I didn't like were the characters, the acting, the directing, the music, the special effects, the screenplay, the setting in which it was filmed, the storyline (I mean really, why would beings who are centuries old care about teenage drama?), and the credits - they rolled too slow. Other than those few things though, I quite enjoyed the rest.*

*The lighting was adequate.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Show & Tell

I got to do a Show & Tell for class today. I’m happy that I got a chance to do one, I never did in elementary and always felt like I missed some sort of childhood right-of-passage. I was quite nervous (I hate public speaking almost as much as I hate people who don't hate public speaking), and when I’m this nervous I start to sweat (eew!). I had to change my shirt twice before I left for class this morning. Why I didn’t wait to put on the shirt I wanted till right before I left will forever remain a mystery. I was well prepared and had my cue card ready and everything but still feel I didn’t articulate my points as well as I would have liked. Also, I think at some point I was blushing because my face felt warm. On the bright side, everyone laughed at all the points that I strongly felt they should laugh at. Which proves I am not the only one who finds me funny, although I am probably still the one who finds me funniest. In fact, my level of self-amusement just crossed the threshold from being unhealthy to being dangerous.

cue card

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avian...Swine...who's the next lucky animal?

Is anyone else as excited as I am to see which new pandemic-sensation will be sweeping the nation next, causing everyone to eagerly rush out for the latest and greatest must-have shot? (Don't walk, RUN to your nearest "pharmaceutical company benefiting" location!)

I am thinking The Canine Virus. Or perhaps some form of Aquatic your bets below!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diary Excerpt 1: Birds on Fire

Back story: I volunteer and a songbird lab where my only job is to feed worms to birds.

Thursday. January 7, 2008

Had to go to lab safety training seminar yesterday that mainly compromised of fire safety and chemical spill clean-up. I had to watch DVD’s* about the same thing. I am not really sure why I need to know this for feeding birds. Do the birds occasionally crap acid? Or have they gotten into the habit of spontaneously combusting during random intervals throughout the day? In which case they didn’t even tell me which type of fire extinguisher would be best for a feathery-friend related fire. Class A, perhaps?

*Admittedly, the DVDs were interesting and educational. And yea, I know why I had to learn that - I am not working with chemicals but others near by might be and it's better to be safe than sorry and bla bla bla.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suggest a Book (Warning: Contains OED & Bible spoilers)

For the past few month I have been immersed in the most fantastic of books - The Oxford English Dictionary. I was up to "d", everything was going well, I was quite happy to just sit and read peacefully to myself until SOMEONE had to go and spoil the ending for me (zythum, apparently). Naturally, knowing the ending made me immediately lose all interest in reading it. This is worse then the time I was told Jesus dies before I got a chance to finish the Bible. God are some people inconsiderate...!

Anyway, I need a new book to read - suggestions?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I blog, therefor I am.

I know everyone is dying to know what goes on in that head of mine so I decided to bless you all with a blog. I shall be posting excerpts from my diary, some of my facebook notes, and other completely pointless stuff. You don't wanna miss it!


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