Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well played, Google, well played.

I can't find it!
Yes please!
Either they are real and Jesus used them as a means of transport, or they're fake and the CIA made them up.
They may be microwaves, but at least they're not purple.
As a giraffe fan, I find this disheartening.
"Damn it, man, I'm an astronaut not a fish inspector."
The end is nigh.
What else do they have to do all day?
Numbers are sexy.
Jesus is my magical homeboy who's kind of a jerk.
Return of the Jedi: Under the Sea Edition.
The evil, godlike utensils of Satan.
I'm getting hungry.
This has been helpful.
The dark is scary.
But dragons are scarier.
They really are. (If you're a professor I don't mean you, I mean those other professors...)
I've always wanted a Canadian to call my own.
First they make fun of us, then they pretend to be us.
He only published one book.
My Weaponized Little Pony™

 This one is my favourite.


TheNightStalker said...

I think my biggest question is why does Canada have its own Google? Is it not allowed the same information humans have access to, or is Canada a separate reality with its own information?

Anastasia said...

@TheNightStalker - Yes.

Anonymous said...